single_haircare_bennysbeautyjuhuHairstyle is the way you adorn and pose your hair. There are different hairstyles for different occasions. Your hairdo can appear more beautiful with the use of decorative ornaments and flowers. People tend to assess your personality from the way you have styled your hair.

Benny’s give your hair the best possible style depending upon your physical attributes .This fashion for your hair is considered as a part of your personal grooming and gives you the desired self-image.

Beauty of a lady lies in her hair! It is amazing how styling your hair and the way you get your haircut done can transform your overall looks. There are haircuts for different kinds of face shapes which enhance the looks of the person. The colour of your hair also speaks for your fashion taste and preferences. It is also very important to keep your hair in good condition and take care of its texture.

At Benny’s, we provide complete hair solutions and combine your needs and demands with our expertise to give your hair the right kind of haircut, style, colour and texture that will make you look fashionable and stylish.


  • Latest haircut & hair styling
  • Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow dry
  • Roller set,tongs,ironing,crimping and Up dos
  • Permanent laser hair removal
  • Perming, straightening and rebonding
  • Brazilian straightening(Keratin treatment)
  • Global Hair Colour, Touch Up, Highlight and Lowlight.
  • Hair spa
  • Hair loss treatment-Derma roller for anti-hair fall and hair re-growth
  • Head oil massage
  • Renew ‘C’ treatment
  • Booster dose
  • Moroccan oil treatment

single_face&bodycare_bennysbeautyjuhuYour face speaks a thousand words! It is the mirror of your soul. Face is the most expressive and attracting part of your personality. Soft and beautiful skin makes you feel good about yourself and look more appealing to others.

At Benny’s, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments for every skin type . Ms. Kiran Gill (Benny) herself analyses your skin and prescribes a treatment according to it .The best of the products and techniques are used to give you a clear, radiant and glowing skin. Put your faith in us and make a visible difference in your life!


  • Face lifting– toning by latest machines and techniques(non-surgical)
  • Removal of :
    • Wrinkles
    • Pigmentation
    • Dark circles

Puffing eyes (All by use of Micro-current technology)

  • Face clean up: normal, Remylaure, Dermilogica
  • Facial –

Purikiss by use of Micro-current Technology (first time in India)
Skinmate- using ultrasonic waves
Summer glow
Mini facial
Derma roller for anti-aging

  • Peels:

Body peel

Chemical peels for pigmentation, acne, scars and marks, anti-aging, glow and rejuvenation

  • Botox and fillers

single_face&bodycare_bennysbeautyjuhuHealthy mind resides in healthy body! Apart from good nutritious food and exercising, your body needs relaxation by relieving stress. You have to love the way your body is. For those parts of your body which you are not very content with and for beautiful skin, Benny’s has the best services and state-of-the-art technology to cater to your needs and give you that perfect body!


  • Body Lifting, Shaping and Contouring by latest technologies and techniques (buttocks, abdomen, arm and thighs)
  • Breast Lifting, Firming and Toning
  • Scar and Stretch marks treatment and control
  • Skin enhancement
  • Body Spa
  • Stone Therapy
  • Full body oil/crème massage
  • Lava shell
  • Body polishing
  • Bleach: Arms, abdomen, legs, back, face with neck and full body
  • Waxing (Upper lips, side burns, arms with under arms, under arms, arms, half legs ,full legs, Brazilian, full body)

single_hand&feet_bennysbeautyjuhuYour hands and feet work all day long but often they are the most neglected parts of your body. Cracked heels and rough hands will not only cause discomfort to you but also give a bad impression of your hygiene level. Your hands and feet need to be pampered to remain soft and supple.

Flaunt hands and feet that are healthy, clean and attractive with Benny’s expert and complete care solution.


  • Spa
  • French Manicure and Pedicure
  • Foot and hand massage
  • Paraffin treatment

single_nailcare_bennysbeautyjuhuFingernails and toenails are considered to be important points of beauty. You can make a fashion statement with your nail art. In this art, nails are worked on to make them look attractive. Nail polish / nail varnish is used to decorate your nails and also to protect them from cracking and flaking.




At Benny’s we have experts in conditioning your nails to make them healthy, flexible and strong with a smooth and shiny finish!


  • Nail art (latest nail technology)
  • Nail extension
  • Gel nails
  • Acrylic
  • Overlay
  • Gel with French polish
  • Shellac Nails
  • Permanent nail polish
  • UV topcoat






It is a general belief that makeup makes you look more beautiful.Modern day make up serves other purposes as well.

Masking up scars and deformities will not only enhance one’s beauty but also boost one’s confidence and self-esteem. Professionals of the show business and the corporate sector need to look presentable all the time. For them makeup is a part of their job.Make up not only helps in beautifying, cleansing and making you appear more attractivebut also helps you feel confident and good about yourself!

Benny’s uses the best cosmetics with no side effects, to provide you the right kind of makeup according to your skin and features and suitable for the occasion.


  • Natural makeup
  • Day makeup
  • Evening makeup
  • Night makeup
  • Gala makeup
  • Smoky Eye makeup
  • Bridal makeup
  • Corporate makeup
  • Party makeup
  • Occasion makeup



I- impressive

D- Dignified


If that is the kind of bride you always wanted to be, then Benny’s is the right choice to turn your dream into a reality! The wedding day is the most important day in a girl’s life and she wants to look her best and leave a lasting impression on the guests and also look gorgeous in the photographs.

Pre-bridal packages: Add glow to your personality with the help of customized solutions as per your specific requirements.


  • Full body waxing
  • Body polishing
  • Full body bleach
  • Hair spa
  • Paraffin spa – Hand & Foot care
  • Signature manicure
  • Signature pedicure
  • Body massage
  • Hair wash and conditioning
  • Glow facial
  • Threading
  • Purikiss facial
  • Specialized body care treatments (removing tan, dryness or any other specific requirement